Your Neck And Wrist Buttons

How do I activate my replacement or additional neck or wrist button?

Gather your new and existing buttons (up to 4):

  • Press and hold the EMERGENCY button on the base unit until it says “Device Training Initiated”
  • Press each neck or wrist button until you hear the unit announce: “Training Success”
  • Repeat for each button. Be sure you hear a confirmation for each button upon completion
  • Press the RESET button on the base unit until you hear “Device Training Completed”
  • PLEASE TEST EACH BUTTON to be sure they are properly activated
    • To Test: Press and hold the TEST button on your unit and follow the prompts

Please call Customer Care at 1-800-906-0872 if you need assistance.

What is the range of my neck or wrist button?

The range can vary so please do a range test in and around your home.

Is my button water resistant?

Yes. The button can be worn when showering or bathing, but should not be worn in a chlorinated pool.

Can I speak directly into my neck or wrist button?


Can I sleep with my neck or wrist button?

We recommend you sleep with your wrist button or keep your button close by.

Can I replace the cord for my neck pendant?

We recommend that you use the provided breakaway lanyard that comes with your Medical Alert system.