Your Neck, Wrist And Wall Buttons

What is the range of my neck or wrist button?

The range can vary so please do a range test in and around your home.

To perform your range test: Press T/L once and the base unit will announce, “Range Test Mode.” Immediately press and hold your neck or wrist button and walk around your home. The unit will emit a steady tone as long as it detects that the button is being pressed. If there is a gap in the tone, that particular spot may be out of range.

How do I activate my replacement or additional neck, wrist or wall button?

  • Press and release the T/L (Test/Learn) button on the back of your unit.
  • Press and release the HELP button on the front of your base unit three times.
  • Press your new replacement button and your unit will beep.
  • Press your RESET button on the back of your base unit.

How do I adjust my neck pendant?

Firmly grasp the flat adjuster bead and pull in either direction until you reach the desired length.

Is my button water resistant?

Yes. The button can be worn when showering or bathing, but should not be worn in a chlorinated pool.

Can I speak directly into my neck or wrist button?


Can I sleep with my neck or wrist button?

We recommend you sleep with your wrist button or keep your button close by.

Can I replace the cord for my neck pendant?

We recommend that you use the provided breakaway lanyard that comes with your Medical Alert system.