Setting Up The App

Download the App

Once your account is created, download the app using the Apple iOS App Store or Google Play App Store.
Search the app store for Medical Alert Connect or download from the links below.
Apple Devices
Android and Google Devices

Register Your Device

Click on Register Your Device.
Enter the cell phone number that you would like to receive your verification code on. Verification codes can be received as a text message or a voice call.
Please note and remember the phone number you used to register your account.
Once you send yourself a verification code, enter your code and set your password.
Now you are ready to log in using the phone number you selected and your password.

Allow Push Notifications

Upon first login, allow push notifications if you want to be alerted when the user of the system performs certain actions, such as placing an emergency call, tests the system, or to receive a low battery signal.

You Are In

On the home screen, you have access to all the users that are connected to your account as well as all of the devices for each user.