Base Unit

How do I set up my MobileElite system?

Mouse over the numbered icons for setup instructions

  1. Insert the small end of the Power Cord into the back of the Charger Cradle.
  2. Plug the large end into a wall outlet not controlled by a switch. The Cradle Power Light will illuminate GREEN.
  3. Place your MobileElite in the Charger Cradle. The Power Light and Signal Indicator Light will flash and your device will announce, “Your device is now charging.”

What Does the Network Light Mean?

What Does My Power Light Mean?

What Happens If All Of The Lights Are Off On My Device?

What does the network light indicate?

What does the power light indicate?

What does it mean if all the lights are off on my device?

How do I power my unit ON/OFF?

There is an ON/OFF button on the side of the handheld device. You can also place it in the charging cradle.

Do I Need To Charge My System?

Yes. Please charge device daily.

How Long Does My Battery Last?

Your battery will last up to 36 hours, depending on usage

Does My Unit Come with a Volume Control?


What Does The Blue Message Light Mean?

If the blue light is on or is blinking, press to hear a message.

Does my system come with a volume control?

No. The system does not have a volume control.

What does the blue message light indicate?

If the blue light is on or is blinking, press to hear a message.

Will my unit still work if I change my phone service provider?

Yes. Your phone service provider will not affect your service.