Base Unit

How do I power my unit ON/OFF?

There is an ON/OFF button on the side of the handheld device.

Do I need to charge my system?

Yes. Please charge your device daily.

How long does my battery last?

Your base unit’s backup battery will last up to approximately 36 hours.

How do I test my unit?

Simply call our auto testing line at 1-844-539-6507 and follow the prompts.

What do the status lights mean?

Status Indicator

What it Means

Green Light

Blinking Slowly: Device is connected to wireless network.

Blinking Quickly: Device is NOT connected to wireless network.

Yellow Light

Blinking: Device is communicating to the GPS satellite.

Red Light

Blinking Slowly(while off charger): Battery is low. You have about 1 hour of battery left.

On While Charging: Battery is charging.

Off While Charging: Battery is fully charged.

Emergency Light

On: Indicates you successfully pushed your button and sent an alert to the monitoring center.

All Lights Off

Device is turned off.

Does my unit come with a volume control?

No, this unit does not have a volume control.

Will my unit still work if I change my phone service provider?

Yes. Your phone service provider will not affect your service.