smoke detector

Getting Started

Make sure your medical alarm system is set up.
Do not pull the pull tab until you are ready to activate.

Why is my smoke detector making a chirping sound?

The battery on your smoke detector is weak and needs to be replaced.

How do I change my battery?

Always replace your battery with a lithium “123” battery that can be found at your local CVS or hardware store. The smoke detector battery compartment contains a red spring load arm that must be slid to the down position when inserting the battery.   The arm will prevent the detector cover from closing if the battery is not installed. Make sure your battery is place facing the right direction. When replacing the battery, hold down the tamper switch to prevent the device from chirping when not on the mounting bracket.

How do I cancel a false alarm?

Press the reset button on the back of your medical alarm unit or wait for the emergency response opertator to speak to you over the two-way on your medical alarm system or home phone and let them know it was a false alarm.

How do I test my smoke detector?

Press the test button on the center of the smoke detector and listen for the beep.

What do the lights on my smoke detector mean?

The red flasing light indicates your smoke detector is receiving battery power.

How does my smoke detector work?

In the event the device detects smoke, it will signal an alarm to your medical alarm unit and the monitoring station will be alerted